Purpose of Walk for Tibet


Walk for Tibet has the following purpose:

  1. Promote Tibet in a positive way.
  2. Supporting the Tibetans.



The organisation

Name: Stichting Walk for Tibet
Mailing address: Hazeleger 57, 5431 HL Cuijk, The Netherlands
Email: info@walkfortibet.nl


KvK-nummer 76639746
IBAN/Bank NL31 INGB 0007 2158 74


The board members:
Chairman mr. L.L.W.H. Volmeijer
Secretary mr. H.A.J. Volmeijer
Treasurer VACANT
Walk for Tibet works exclusively with volunteers, both board members and volunteers receive no financial rewards or fees

Our History

The idea is born

The idea for Walk for Tibet was born on 12 October 2012. This came from the plan to walk the Nijmegen Four Days Marches to bring Tibet to the attention. The idea had been in the mind of Tsultem Rinchin Dojee for some time. That was because several people had already visited his store in Nijmegen who encouraged this. The name Walk for Tibet was quickly invented because the Four Days Marches is also called “The Walk of the World”.

The aim was to draw attention to Tibet in a positive way during the Four Days Marches. And to raise money through the Sponsor Walk for a good cause for the benefit of the Tibetans.

Planning the first Four Days Marches began with 4 people. And the closer it got to the Four Days Marches, the more people joined the team.

Developments over the years

In the years that Walk for Tibet now participates in the Four Days Marches, our team has seen the necessary changes. The founders all went there own way over the years.

In the early years, various seasonal walks were organized to raise money and attention to Tibet. Due to a declining turnout, these walks have slowly come to an end.

On 1 October 2017, a start was made on redesigning the organization to create a professional working method.

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